At Inner City Care we believe Play is the most important tool used in order for children to have meaningful learning experiences. Our indoor and outdoor environments are organised to encourage extended play periods based on the interests, needs and skills of individual children within the class groups. We have areas set-up that are based on specific areas of children’s development, for example, a literacy area, a creative area, a dramatic play area, a manipulative area, a scientific  inquiry area, a music and movement area etc… Every year our program can be very different as it is planned and implemented through observations and information regarding individual children. Children’s choice is always taken into consideration when planning and we aim to foster skills in children to be active members in their own learning too.

At certain times during our day and depending on the child’s age as to the frequency, educators will gather the children for teacher directed learning sessions we call ‘Group times’. During grouptimes children will practice their listening and communicating skills as well as explore various literacy, environmental and spontaneous  concepts or share special news with their peers or enjoy a music and movement experience. Educators document the room program in a ‘Daily Diary’ which is uploaded to the StoryPark app for each room. The Daily Diary describes the meaningful learning that occured during the day and how educators plan to extend children’s interests and learning the next time they attend ICC.

Your child will be assigned a focus teacher to document your child’s learning in the form of a Portfolio. Your child’s focus teacher will include work samples, observations, projects, excursions and many other meaningful items and information about your child’s learning journey’s whilst they are attending ICC. Every three months, your child’s focus teacher will write an ‘Educational Summary’ which sums up your child’s learning and development over the last three months. We ask families to share children’s home experiences, interests and learning with staff, as we aim to extend the child’s home learning in the Centre environment also.

The following is an exert has been taken from ICC Programming Policy:

Inner City Care will focus on programming to:

  • Create an environment that acknowledges and values the individual needs of all children attending the Centre
  • Implement the National Quality Framework for programing for children’s education and care, by using the Early Years Learning Framework to program, plan and document children’s learning.
  • Provide a meaningful educational program, based on early childhood development and learning through play.
  • Ensure that experiences and presentation are develpmentally appropriate.
  • Build a partnership between families and educators in order to establish continuity in the program and to help support families and eduators achieve their own goals.
  • Develop a high level of self-esteem and independance in children so they are able to explore, understand and function confidently in the world around them.
  • Foster each child’s critical thinking about bias; developing the cognitive skills to identify, and the emotional empathy to know that bias hurts.
  • Be aware of and use of the environment – indoor and out – as a second facilitator.
  • To help children develop a love and respect for our natural world.