We believe play is the most important tool for meaningful learning!

This is why our day is organised around extended play periods indoors and out. We are a long day care centre which means we also have important routines during the day, like mealtimes and sleep/rest times. Educators facilitate learning and initiate play experiences with children in a variety of developmental learning areas. Routine times are relaxed and happy periods in which children and adults share special time bonding.

Activities and experiences are planned to meet the needs and interests of the children, and to develop their skills and knowledge. There is always a variety of experiences to challenge skills and cater for varying emotions and energies throughout the day. Experiences can be creative, social, dramatic, constructive, manipulative or a combination of these.

The routine changes with the seasons, weather and ideas from the children, their families and educators. For younger children, we try to maintain similar routines to their home environment for consistency of care. We have a general daily routine, however, we always ensure cues are taken from children as to their needs, preferences, individual routines and their own choices as to when parts of our day or play periods occur.


What follows is a guide only:


  • the first of the children arrive
  • the staff are setting up the Backroom and Frontroom and greeting families as they arrive
  • the children are involved in experiences in the Backroom


  • breakfast is served
  • the backyard is slowly being set up
  • the children continue to be involved in experiences


  • breakfast is over but late children can be served breakfast by their parents
  • the Frontroom is open for the older children or children play outside depending on the day


  • the infants are involved in activities in the Backroom
  • the 2-3 year olds are involved in activities on their side of the Backroom
  • the 3-5 year olds are involved in activities in the Frontroom or outside


  • Morning tea is served in 3 different areas – the older children serve themselves


  • the children continue playing in the different areas and the 2-3 and 3-5 year old children have a group tim


  • all the children play together outside or in the Frontroom


  • lunch is served in the Backroom for the 0-3 year old children
  • lunch is served in the Frontroom for the 3-5 year old children


  • lunch is cleaned up and the children all play outside or in their rooms
  • the babies that sleep after lunch are put to bed
  • 3-5 year old children have a grouptime


  • the children who sleep start getting ready for bed on the toddler side and in the Frontroom
  • the children who do not sleep have relaxation and quiet activities in the Frontroom


  • the children slowly start waking up from sleep and everyone plays outside or in their rooms


  • afternoon tea is served in both rooms


  • the infants play in the Backroom
  • the 2-3 year old children play on the toddler side
  • the 3-5 year old children play in the Frontroom
  • on Tuesday and Friday the older children watch Playschool
  • grouptime happens with the 2-3 and 3-5 year old children


  • the children all play together in the backyard and help pack away


  • the children are involved in activities in one of the rooms or outside and they slowly help pack away the activities
  • the children have a light snack


  • the centre is closed for the day