The highest possible emphasis is placed on all facets of our Centre, including maintaining a safe and athestically appealing environment, running an outstanding educational program, providing an extensive range of resources and encouraging children to develop a love and respect for the natural world.

We are very proud to be a service operating so close to the busy CBD that offers children the opportunity to engage in extended play periods in a large outdoor environment complete with cubby house and sandpit. There is plenty of space to move and develop fundamental and fine motor physical skills through investigation and play.

Our Centre is licensed for 44 children each day. We generally try to place children in the following room/group structures, however this can change at times due to enrolment needs of families. We have three groups of children, the infants birth-2years, the toddlers 2-3years and the preschoolers 3-5years and two rooms in which they are based, The Backrooom and The Frontroom. The Backroom has been divided so that the infants and the toddler groups have their own play spaces but come together  to support each other during busy routine times such as mealtimes and rest/sleep times.

Our Centre is operated and managed by a parent run Management Committee. Parents are elected each year in October during our Annual General Meeting and parents are responsible for the overall operations and decision making of the service. The Centre is managed daily by a non-teaching Director who meets with the Management Committee every month to ensure the Centre continues to operate smoothly. This is a positive management structure to work within as parents have the best interests of children and staff at the forefront of all decisions made. As a result staff enjoy above award conditions and salary and parents have the same professional and passionate staff caring for their children over a number of years! Our Management Committee has won an Early Childhood award for being a ‘Management Committee that shines!’

ICC’s relationship with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, being located within the ABC building site in Ultimo, is very much like that of a landlord. The ABC gives ICC a Salary and Cleaning grant each year in order to reserve half of our spaces for ABC staff but ABC staff do not have priority of placement overall. When an ABC child leaves, we offer the space to the next ABC child found on the Waiting List that is the suitable age, the same process is used when a community child/family leaves. The ABC is responsible for ensuring our building facilities are safe and well maintained. We use the cleaning grant in order to contract a professional cleaning company that maintains our Centre facilities daily.

Our Centre’s location supports our development of rich and dynamic programs by being within walking access to a range of interesting and meaningful learning experiences. With parent support our children reguarly attend excursions throughout the year and we have many opportunities to visit exciting places in our local community which become an extension of our Centre learning experiences.

Depending on the interests and needs of our children, some of our regular excursions are to visit The Powerhouse, The Aquarium, The Australian Museum, Paddy’s Fruit and Vege market, Ultimo Library and sometimes we just enjoy visiting a park to spend time running and playing on grass! We also have a range of guests and performers that visit the Centre every year to assist with our planned learning experiences, Bob Turner slithers in each year with his slippery and slimy reptile friends, we love watching the next generation of eggs/ducklings Hatch and Grow and we contract many performers from Young Australia for music and storytelling opportunities just to name a few!