At ICC we believe mealtimes should be a happy and social time with an atmosphere that reinforces positive attitudes towards food and eating. Meals are generally consumed in small groups at tables where children are encouraged to remain sitting, and are accompanied at each table by an adult to provide a positive role model and maintain a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Slow eaters should be allowed to take their time and enjoy their meals.

Mealtimes can provide experiences in socialisation and independence. Children should be given opportunities to serve and clean up after themselves, as well as appreciate the needs of others. Eating utensils and the furniture used when eating is of a shape and size that encourage development of eating skills and independence in eating by children.

A child’s diet provides a basis from which a child can develop in a happy and healthy manner. A child’s dietary preferences and needs can also reflect and express that child’s individuality. It is recognised that children’s needs vary with moods, growth and energy requirements.

The Centre has a 4 week meal rotation, our fortnightly menu is on display at all times.

ICC serves meals:

  • That are whole and fresh
  • High in natural fibre
  • Low in salt and added sugars
  • That comprise lean red meats a minimum of 4 times per fortnight 
  • That comprise chicken, fish, pork, veal a minimum of 3 times per fortnight
  • That comprise vegetarian dishes a minimum of  2 times per fortnight
  • That are consistent with recommended balances of the 5 food groups
  • The ingredients of which are stored, prepared and served in a hygienic manner
  • That are sensitive to individual development and dietary needs, restrictions and preferences
  • That are prepared in ways that maintain the maximum amount of nutritional value
  • That promote the social aspect of mealtimes
  • That facilitate some participation in meal preparation to develop children’s skills
  • That combine the intake of liquid: milk and water is served regularly throughout the day 
  • Foods which fall outside the guidelines; soft drink, flavoured milk, juice, cordial, junk foods and sweets should not be kept or consummed in the Centre.