Inner City Care has many policies and procedures that have been developed over many years by Parent Management Committee Directors, Centre Directors, educators and families.

Our Policies and Procedures are available to all parents on request and educators have access to a copy kept in the Centre Office.

Please find our Covid-19 Policy and updated Covid-19 letter below:

The National Regulations provide a list of required policies, these will be made available to parents and visitors on our website.

The Required Policies are:

Quality Area 1) Educational Program and Practice:

Quality Area 2) Children’s Health and Safety:

Quality Area 3) Physical Environment:

Quality Area 4) Staffing Arrangements:

Quality Area 5) Relationships with children:

Quality Area 6) Collaborative partnerships with families and communities:

Quality Area 7) Leadership and Service Management:

These are some of our main policies and procedures but we have many more about a range of issues and topics we are happy to distribute upon request.