Centre Staff

Many of our educators have been working at ICC for more than 10 years of service.

ICC employs beyond the required amount of staff needed each day and well beyond the required amount of qualified staff. We currently employ four Early Childhood (University trained) teachers, six Diploma of Children’s Services educators and all other staff have a minimum of Certificate III in Children’s Services employed at our service. 

All of ICC’s educators place a high emphasis on meeting the individual needs of each and every child in their care. Educators plan programs based around the needs, interests and experiences of each child and look for ways to support their home learning and development in our Centre environment. The educators warmly and actively support each child and their extended family, as we believe it is our role at ICC to provide children with an extension of their early learning experiences. It is our educator’s role to provide the setting, the guidance and the experience which promotes successful learning outcomes for every child attending ICC.

The accumulated experiences of educators and ongoing professional development and training opportunities ensure educators remain up-to-date on current research and development and ensure programs for children are challenging, meaningful and unique to each room/group.

The opportunities offered to each child through our extra numbers and qualifications of educators can be easily seen in our settled and asethically pleasing environment. Children can be seen happily engaging in play with other children and adults they are really familiar with every day. Educators have the time to spend getting to know each child in their group well enough to know when a child is needing extra support due to health, emotion or their personal needs. 

We have a multi-cultural staff team with many carers speaking a variety of languages other than English. We can communicate with families using Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Greek, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese, Bangla and others too! We enjoy celebrating special cultural events and traditions that our children, families and educators experience throughout the year.

Our Centre Director began working at ICC in 2002, as a student completing her university practicum, Cally continued working as a regular casual/relief staff member during university holidays until she had completed her degree. In 2005 Cally joined the staff team full-time, as an Early Childhood Teacher and for the next 4 years worked with a variety of age groups and rooms. In 2009, Cally took on the role of Centre Director replacing the Director at the time who had been managing the Centre for 12 years prior to leaving.